How To Test For Herpes Simplex 2

How To Test For Herpes

How To Test For Herpes

Herpes simplex 2 is a type of sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection caused by the Herpes simplex virus. If you suspect you have it, here’s how to test for Herpes simplex 2.


Check for early symptoms. Signs and symptoms of genital Herpes or Herpes simplex 2 are the same for both male and female. These include the following: an upset stomach, fever, aches and pains in the legs, buttocks, and genitals, pain and pressure in the area between the genitals and belly button, an unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, an itching or burning sensation in the genitals and rectum.


Examine the genitals for signs of irritation. Herpes simplex 2 affects the genital area including the buttocks and inner thighs. Determine if you experienced an itching or burning sensation immediately followed by the appearance of blisters. These blisters appear as clusters or lesions that seem filled with fluid and can be found on the lips, vagina, or penis. These blisters become sensitive sores when they break open. Then they crust over and heal. You may also develop swollen glands in the area between your belly button and genitals, and feel a burning sensation when you urinate.


Take a blood test. Go to the nearest hospital for a blood test. This is a good alternative especially if you aren’t sure how to test for Herpes simplex virus.


Take a private test. Those who want to keep their privacy and don’t want to go through the trouble of going to a hospital can undertake a private test for Herpes. There are some laboratories that offer private Herpes test kits you can order online. These kits provide you with the material to take a cotton swab or scraping of the part of your skin with blisters. You then send it to the laboratory for testing. The website also provides tips on how to test for Herpes.


If you aren’t sure how to test for Herpes, do yourself a favor and consult a doctor immediately.


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  • Tengo herpes también, es muy molesto, gran artículo y por favor blog de seguir escribiendo.

  • I enjoyed the post. Thumbs up :-) I suggest doing acupressure for healing.

  • Is there a remedy for this disease yet? Wish to add your post into my personal blog as well as include a link to the article on your website. Seems you always create new content on your website. Articles like yours is exactly what I need to entertain and educate my teaming viewers.

    • Admin:

      Yes there is, at least something I’ve discovered and used myself :) I’m thinking on making an article or a video about it. It is stupidly simple and it helps me and people I know. Check my site soon :)

  • Herpes is a common health hazard that could happen to anyone
    without actually knowing it. It is a sexually inherited health hazard however this does not provide much of symptoms to give an indication if you suffer from Herpes.
    So the only way to know if you have Genital Herpes is
    to have a medical checkup. Research shows that one in every three
    person suffered from Herpes at some point of their life and almost half of the United States population suffers from this health hazard.
    Therefore, if there are huge amount of Herpes sufferers why is herpes not named as an epidemic.
    You might think that if herpes had got so common you must see regarding
    this everyday in newspapers and on TV. Well,
    why that is not happening is because Herpes is not regarded as deadly as some other STDs such as HIV.

    Therefore, there is not much talking about it although a big
    number of population suffers from it. But that
    does not mean it is not to be dealt seriously.
    Herpes in few cases could lead to other severe problems such as cancer So you should see a doctor
    and if you do have Herpes get it cured.
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